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In 2020, the Legislature enacted Mississippi Code ยง 19-31-17, allowing the creation of Community Improvement Districts. CIDs are special taxing districts that let neighborhoods raise funds for projects like traffic calming, combating blight, and improving greenspace. CIDs must be administered by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Property owners within a CID contribute to the CID through their property taxes, an example of which is illustrated below. In this example, a property with an appraised value of about $125,000 contributes about $75 a year to the CID (Line Item MS1). You can find the CID assessment for your property by looking at the Hinds County Landroll.

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The Foundation receives approximately $185,000 annually from our Community Improvement District assessment.
Our five-year plan budgets this money to be spent with the following allocations:

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