What Can the CID Do for Greater Belhaven?

If you were out and about on Saturday, July 18 you may have noticed a street sweeping crew at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Peachtree Street. This type of work can become a more frequent occurrence with the creation of a Community Improvement District (CID). This crew, truck, and prep cost $125 an hour.
While driving around Downtown Jackson and Fondren you may notice individuals walking around picking up garbage, removing graffiti, and generally offering assistance; these are called Ambassadors. Downtown Jackson Partners and Fondren Renaissance use funds raised through their Business Improvement Districts to employ these Ambassadors. Several weeks ago we had a group of both volunteers and paid assistance to pick up the debris under the I-55 bridge at the end of Laurel Street. It can cost anywhere from $10 an hour to $15 an hour to have paid individuals providing this service on a regular basis. It is not just about the litter pick up; having individuals constantly on the move around the neighborhood also provides an additional level of surveillance.
We currently use the services of Securitas for our neighborhood patrols. The CID would provide us with funds to employ additional patrols by off duty police officers. Off duty police officers cost $25 an hour.
The creation of a Community Improvement District here in Greater Belhaven would create a steady stream of funds on a yearly basis of approximately $200,000 to be used for things such as what I listed above; however, there are so many other things we could explore through the master planning process. The funds can be used to enhance our parks, improve our sidewalks, purchase security cameras, match funds to larger grants which would allow for bigger projects, and a variety of other things.
Thank you to the over 950 neighbors and business owners who have signed so far!! We are 94 signatures away from being able to make Greater Belhaven the best it can be! For more information go to www.greaterbelhaven.com/community-improvement-district/ To sign today email ccreasey@greaterbelhaven.com.