Thank you to our 2019 donors for helping us grow!

Because of you, our neighborhood has the resources it needs for growth and continued success. We appreciate your continued dedication to historic preservation, neighborhood character, and economic vitality in Greater Belhaven!

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center


Belhaven Residential
The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen
The Herron Company, LLC
Kats Wine and Spirits
Jackson I Medical Office Building

BEING BELHAVEN 100 is a group of supporters who give $1,000 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Gifts from Individuals

Ivy & Frank Alley
Carey & James Armstrong
Barbara Austin
Vidal Blankenstein
Sherry & Royce Boyer
Mary Jo & Frank Briggs
Angelyn & Barry Cannada
Marsha & Tim Cannon
Alice & Rod Clement
Casey & Sam Creasey
Katy & Nelson Creath
Meredith & Jimmy Creekmore
Margaret Oertling Cupples
Virginia & Rob Farr
Corrine Fox
Nancy & Earl Fyke
Susan & John Garrard
Rebecca & Ty Hardy
Nan & Bill Harvey
Katie Hester
Judge E. Grady Jolly – In Memory of
Bettye Jolly
Courtney & Tasho Katsaboulas
Nan & Kanello Katsaboulas
Jona & Jimmy Keeton
Christy & Dallis Ketchum
Lelia & Sam Lane
Virgi & Chuck Lindsay
Mary Allyson & Ruffin Lowry
Modena Martin – In Honor of Barbara Austin
Susan McAlister
Bill McCarty, III
Kathryn & Gerald McCormick
Kathryn & Will McCraney
Nora Frances & Vaughn McRae
Annie Laurie & Thomas McRee
Carter & Matthew Milner
Frances & Cooper Morrison Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation for Mississippi
Ginnie & Luther Munford
Kay & John Olliver
Susan & Bill Osborne
Phoebe & Rob Pearigen
Becky & Don Potts
Linda & Jimmy Robertson
Harrylyn & Charles Sallis
Don Sittman
Carol Taff
Margaret & Jim Tohill
Marcus Treadway, Jr.
Kathy & Andy Waring
Elizabeth Wilkes
Laura & Walt Wofford, Jr.
Mary Amelia & Damon Wofford
Margee & Collins Wohner
Catie Carlyle & Bo Zimmerman

Gifts from Businesses

The Belhaven House & Garden Club
The Blanchard Group
The Fairview Inn
Funderburg, Sessums & Petterson, PLLC
Keifer’s Restaurant
The Pyron Group
Overby, Inc.

BEING BELHAVEN GOLD is a group of supporters who give $500 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Fenian’s Restaurant
First Presbyterian Day School
Julie A. Colbert
Bart Delashmet
Barbara Hederman
Carissa Singh
Beverly Ray & Reed Branson
Marc Treadway
Denise & Earl Walsh
Susan Warren
Ginger & John Weaver
Sara Weisenberger

BEING BELHAVEN is a group of supporters who give $300 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Bradley Arrant Boult Cummings LLP
Leslie & Jason Agostinelli
Megan & Matt Allen
Laura & Jason Ashley
Lacey Bailey
Emmie King & Spencer Beard
Kim & David Brown
Charlotte B. Charles
James Crellin
Kate Eidt
Laine & Bob Hardin
Janelle Hederman
Mara Hartmann & Patrick Hicks
Sara Margaret & Robert Johnson
Susan Shands Jones
Victoria & Robert List
Toni & Aubrey Lucas
Katie McClendon
Barbara & Jim McCraw – In Memory of Michael Raff
Susan & Colin McNease
Margaret & Manning McPhillips
Kay & Charles Mortimer
Walterine & Doug Odom
Kathy & Michael Potts
Helen C. Robertson
Lele & Russell Rooks
Sara & Brad Tisdale
Marjorie Underwood
W. Glenn Watts
Janet & John Wofford
Julia Marks Young


Belhaven House & Garden Club – In Memory of Lucy Clark
Rosalie & Pete Casano – In Honor of Dot Kitchings
Virginia and Fred Ezelle
Elizabeth Hambuchen
Betty and Dan Hise
Judith Johnson
Beth and Harper Keeler
Jeanne Luckett & C.B. Carroll
Joe Morris
Nancy and Leo Stevens
Denise and John Wheeler