Sylvandell Historical Marker installed in Greater Belhaven

Belhaven Improvement Association (BIA) is working hard to #PreserveBelhaven and to tell the fascinating stories of this great neighborhood (MS’s largest historic district). Sylvandell is one of those great stories! Sylvandell was a whimsical development by L.L. Mayes in the early 1920s. Read the great article (March 1929) from The Jackson Daily News for more details.

The beautiful gateway (see photo) was sculpted by Mr J. Barras – it sat at the dead end of Pinehurst into StMary. The female “nymph” statue still sits in a driveway just a few houses south from this site (the male statue is missing – BIA will give a reward to anyone who can locate it!). If you drive to the intersection of St Mary and Pinehurst, you can still see the edge of this beautiful gateway feature… go check it out and be sure to read the article!

We are excited to announce that BIA has obtained approval for 12 new Mississippi Historical Markers through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) – this will make 15 for the neighborhood!

BIA is working with MDAH and the City of Jackson to promote the unique history of the Belhaven Historic District. These markers will create a unique “walking trail” of the Belhaven Historic District for all to enjoy.

We hope to expand this trail into neighboring historic districts and create a great tourist attraction for the whole Capital City! Please let us know if there are any other sites that you would like to nominate (email More to come…

(Article submitted by Belhaven Improvement Association)