Real Time Command Center

The Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation is proud to introduce Fusus, the industry’s first cloud-based, rapidly deployable crime center, as an expansion of our community’s commitment to safety.

Fusus integrates and enhances public safety by combining community-owned cameras with departmentally-issued assets like video management software, gunshot detection systems, license plate readers, and more, to deliver a 24/7 real-time report to law enforcement for the most accurate response.

Community members will now have an even greater opportunity to invest in their safety and to properly assist JPD with situational awareness. Unlike other systems, video and alert sharing is completely controlled by the donor location. Camera owners can securely share recorded and live video feeds to aid in investigations, and will be able to chat on private discussion boards with law enforcement and nearby neighbors to reduce unnecessary visibility. Police officers can also automatically request footage from all nearby businesses with the click of a button.

“This software allows us to see what our police officers can’t prior to them getting [to the scene]. That’s something we’ve seen in movies. But it’s going to be happening right here in Jackson, Mississippi. There is no one else in the state doing that, and there are very few agencies in the Southeast that have this level of technology accessible.”

As a learning database, the system will create algorithms to better deter and pinpoint recurring crimes in the future. Acting as virtual policing while being respectful of community members’ privacy, Fusus gives JPD the chance to respond more accurately without having to deploy an excessive amount of officers to the scene and ultimately catch perpetrators before crimes can take place.

The future of safety is here, in the heart of Jackson.

For more information, visit the Fusus website.

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