Murrah High School is one of seven high schools in the Jackson Public School District. The school, located at 1400 Murrah Dr., serves students in grades 9-12. Vision: 1400= 1 team 4 all students, with 0 limits and 0 excuses.
The mission of Murrah High School is to cultivate successful students through scholarship, service, and support.

· Engaging and Academically rigorous challenging curriculum
· High expectations for each student
· Careful monitoring of student performance and attendance
· Data -driven decision making
· Structured system of tutorial
· Modified Block Schedule
· Frequent contact between school and parents
· Literacy infusion into all content areas
· Ongoing recognition of academic and extracurricular accomplishments
· Increased academic achievement
· Increased student attendance, attitudes and behavior
· Increased number of students matriculating to 10th grade
· Decrease student dropout rate
· Development of student awareness of academic/career options
· Stronger student-teacher relationships
· Enhancement of student ability to apply academic content
· Increase parent involvement

Address: 1400 Murrah Dr, Jackson, MS 39202
Phone: (601) 960-5380