We are proud to announce the completion of the fantastic new mural located at Fortification and Carlisle Streets in Greater Belhaven. The abstract mural depicts sights and experiences of the Greater Belhaven Neighborhoods, and was created by artists Rachel Misenar and Elizabeth Fowler.

Watch the video below, created by Bryson Hatfield in partnership with the Greater Jackson Arts Council, to get a look at this wonderful new addition to the neighborhood.

Look & Find! Explore the Mural at Belhaven McDade’s in a fun new way!

Greater Belhaven’s newest public art project celebrates all the treasures of our neighborhood! On your next visit to McDade’s Market, Lou’s Full-Serve or just enjoying a walk around the neighborhood, GBF invites you to visit the new mural that stretches from Fortification to Carlisle Street. Use the game below to look and find all the different objects that illustrate what make Greater Belhaven so special! Use the hashtag #GBFmural to show us what else you can find!


Birds represent that Greater Belhaven is animal friendly

Bicycle Wheel

Bicycle wheels represent that Greater Belhaven is an active neighborhood


Triangles represent kayaks on Mayes Lake and Pearl River connection


Olives represents Greater Belhaven’s neighborhood restaurants


Sunshine represents Greater Belhaven’s warmth and hospitality

Rocket Ship

Rocket ship represents that children can soar with local museums

Eudora Library

Find the words “love” and “Belhaven” hidden in the letters.


Paths represent that Greater Belhaven is a walkable, connected and livable community

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Once again we’d like to express our appreciation to those who helped to make this project a reality. Thank you to Mike Peters of Peters Real Estate, Jennifer Welch of Belhaven Residential, and the Greater Jackson Arts Council.