Heart of Belhaven Award Recipients

At the Being Belhaven Annual Party on Monday, November 14 the Heart of Belhaven Award was presented to the Belhaven Mountain Bike Trails Group. The award was received on behalf of the group by Ty Hardy, Dallis Ketchum, and Wood Dale.

The Heart of Belhaven Award goes to a neighbor or group that truly represents the “Heart” of Greater Belhaven. This year’s recipient is a group who turned a dream into a reality. This year we honor the Belhaven Mountain Bike Trails group.

This group took the 38 acres owned by the Foundation between I55 and the Museum Trail and turned it into an amenity that will be used and adored for many years to come. They have put their own talents to work to build bridges, clear paths, clear out a never-ending supply of debris and litter through the woods, and have created a wonderful gift for the neighborhood. They never stop working and for that we are truly grateful.