Heart of Greater Belhaven Award Recipients

The Greater Belhaven Foundation presented the First “Heart of Greater Belhaven” Award to Bill and Nan Harvey at the Annual Party on November 6. This award goes to a neighbor and resident who truly represents the “Heart “of Greater Belhaven.

Bill and Nan Harvey wrote a complete history of both Belhaven and Belhaven Heights which will be treasured for many years to comes. They are long time supporters of the Foundation. Thank you Bill and Nan for loving Greater Belhaven and helping to preserve her history and embodying the “Heart” of Belhaven. The Harveys’ issued the following statement:

“We appreciated the kind remarks made at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting regarding the our articles on the Belhaven and Belhaven Heights neighborhoods. I do wish the neighborhood to know that Nan and I are a team, deserving equal credit. I do the writing. Nan does the research, the editing, the photography, corrects my spelling and punctuation and keeps me focused. I could not do these projects without her steady hand. Jesse Yancy publishes our work in his blog and does an excellent job with layout and design and the neighborhood itself contributes greatly through interviews, suggestions and contacts. Success has many fathers. Thank all of you so very much.”