Gifts Cards for Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Greater Belhaven is so very fortunate to have such an amazing medical facility right here in our neighborhood. As way to say thank you for being our neighbor and to recognize the tremendous efforts of the hospital front line workers in the fight against Covid 19 let’s shower them with gift cards from our neighborhood restaurants! No contact required! The Greater Belhaven Foundation will take care of getting the cards to the front line workers at Baptist! Here are two of our businesses offering No Contact Gift Cards for Baptist!
Elvie’s: A Belhaven giver can could either do digital gift cards through our website or physical ones paid over the phone make sure to mention it is for Baptist. 601-863-8828.
Urban Foxes: When a Belhaven giver orders online they can use your and GBF as the recipient and put a note in the message to indicate it’s for Baptist.
Urban Foxes E-GIFT CARDS:
Discount Code: BAPTIST to get 10% off your gift card purchase
Spectrum Sip: Belhaven givers can purchase a card at the shop and the cards will be picked up by GBF.
They are also doing a “Pay it Forward” campaign for Essential Workers. You can purchase a tea for an essential worker while you purchase your own!