Can We Count You In?


The Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation is spearheading the effort to develop a Community Improvement District (CID) for Belhaven and Belhaven Heights.

Creating this special taxing district will generate more than $200,000 annually for our wonderful historic neighborhoods. The funds can be used for security, capital improvements, infrastructure, matching funds for federal grants, and other projects. Anticipated improvements are security, lighting, sidewalk repair, enhancements, and the funds can be used as matching funds for grants to handle larger infrastructure repairs. For more detailed information please click here. This will enhance the value of our neighborhood for years to come. The funds will be administered by the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a long track record of managing successful projects for our historic neighborhood since 2001. Funds are subject to an annual, publicly-available audit.

To make this happen, we need you! Over 900 neighbors have already signed the petition to create the CID, so we are close to the required number of signatures needed for us to submit it. We hope that whether you live here, work here, or invest here, we can count you in!

Your signature helps us get the petition finalized and submitted; after that, the next step will be a special election late this year. If you would like additional information about the CID or this process, just call us at 601-352-8850, or email us at and we can answer questions or email you your Petition Page. More information is also available at (look for the Community Improvement District button).

We hope we can Count You In! Thanks for considering this request as we work to make 39202 an even better place to live, work, and play.

Gifts Cards for Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Greater Belhaven is so very fortunate to have such an amazing medical facility right here in our neighborhood. As way to say thank you for being our neighbor and to recognize the tremendous efforts of the hospital front line workers in the fight against Covid 19 let’s shower them with gift cards from our neighborhood restaurants! No contact required! The Greater Belhaven Foundation will take care of getting the cards to the front line workers at Baptist! Here are two of our businesses offering No Contact Gift Cards for Baptist!
Elvie’s: A Belhaven giver can could either do digital gift cards through our website or physical ones paid over the phone make sure to mention it is for Baptist. 601-863-8828.
Urban Foxes: When a Belhaven giver orders online they can use your and GBF as the recipient and put a note in the message to indicate it’s for Baptist.
Urban Foxes E-GIFT CARDS:
Discount Code: BAPTIST to get 10% off your gift card purchase
Spectrum Sip: Belhaven givers can purchase a card at the shop and the cards will be picked up by GBF.
They are also doing a “Pay it Forward” campaign for Essential Workers. You can purchase a tea for an essential worker while you purchase your own!

Covid 19 Greater Belhaven Business Updates

Please help our neighborhood businesses during this difficult time. Here are the most recent updates from our neighborhood businesses. As information changes this will be updated as well.

  • Campbell’s Donuts Follow Their Social Media to find out about upcoming Pop-Ups. Pre-orders available through Instagram direct message and through Venmo.
  • Corner Market Open. Corner Market is designating Tuesday and Wednesday morning 7:00am to 8:00am as senior shopping hours for customers age 60 and over. This change in hours will begin Tuesday, March 24 and continue until further notice. They are also selling bread from Broadstreet Bakery!!
  • Dave’s Triple B Temporarily Closed
  • Elvie’s Open with limited menu Friday and Saturday!!! Hours are 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Place your order or purchase a gift card online
  • Fenian’s Temporarily Closed
  • Hallmark Cleaners Open.
  • Kats Wine and Spirits Open. They are offering curbside service call (601) 983-KATS – Option #3. Prepay and pick up.
  • Keifer’s Temporarily Closed
  • Lou’s Full Serv Temporarily Closed.
  • Native Coffee Open for curbside pickup 8:00am to 3:00pm. Order on their website
  • Old House Depot Open regular hours Tuesday through Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Picante’s Open for pick up or curbside. Call (601)398-1344 to order.
  • Pizza Shack Open.
  • Shoe Bird Cafe’ Closed until Belhaven University re-opens the campus which will probably not be until mid-summer. Northshore Specialty Coffee manages The Shoe Bird and our coffee beans are available through McDades (Corner Market), Farmers Market, Campbells Donuts….served at New Stage.
  • Spectrum Sip Special Hours for Curbside pickup. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:00am to 1:00pm. Saturday 9:00am to Noon. Call (601) 573-6643 to preorder. Customers may purchase products to make their favorite teas and shakes at home. Call (601) 573-6643 or email
  • The Fairview Inn The Library Lounge, 1908 Provisions, and nomiSpa are closed due to the Mayor’s executive order, The Inn is still open for room reservations. They are delivering breakfast orders to rooms in the morning.
  • The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen Follow their Social Media to find out about a Pop Up Concept Coming Soon!!! Selling gift cards online
  • Urban Foxes Orders can be placed through their website and picked up at the store. Gift cards, merchandise and a limited special order menu available online Online Store and E-gift cards

To update your information or to add your business please contact me at

Please be Prepared for Possible Flooding

With the Pearl River expected to crest Saturday at a predicted 35.5 feet and the constant rain in the forecast the City of Jackson is asking everyone to prepare for flooding this weekend. There is a concern in the Greater Belhaven for those whose homes are located along our creeks which feed into the Pearl River, as the river rises the water backs up into those creeks and floods the surrounding area.

If water has gotten into your home in prior high level water events or if you would just like to take the precaution the City of Jackson has sandbags available at 4225 Michael Avalon Street, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Another concern is water. Please consider purchasing drinking water and filling tubs just in case.

For up to date information regarding potential flooding please visit

Thank you to our 2019 donors for helping us grow!

Because of you, our neighborhood has the resources it needs for growth and continued success. We appreciate your continued dedication to historic preservation, neighborhood character, and economic vitality in Greater Belhaven!

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center


Belhaven Residential
The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen
The Herron Company, LLC
Kats Wine and Spirits
Jackson I Medical Office Building

BEING BELHAVEN 100 is a group of supporters who give $1,000 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Gifts from Individuals

Ivy & Frank Alley
Carey & James Armstrong
Barbara Austin
Vidal Blankenstein
Sherry & Royce Boyer
Mary Jo & Frank Briggs
Angelyn & Barry Cannada
Marsha & Tim Cannon
Alice & Rod Clement
Casey & Sam Creasey
Katy & Nelson Creath
Meredith & Jimmy Creekmore
Margaret Oertling Cupples
Virginia & Rob Farr
Corrine Fox
Nancy & Earl Fyke
Susan & John Garrard
Rebecca & Ty Hardy
Nan & Bill Harvey
Katie Hester
Judge E. Grady Jolly – In Memory of
Bettye Jolly
Courtney & Tasho Katsaboulas
Nan & Kanello Katsaboulas
Jona & Jimmy Keeton
Christy & Dallis Ketchum
Lelia & Sam Lane
Virgi & Chuck Lindsay
Mary Allyson & Ruffin Lowry
Modena Martin – In Honor of Barbara Austin
Susan McAlister
Bill McCarty, III
Kathryn & Gerald McCormick
Kathryn & Will McCraney
Nora Frances & Vaughn McRae
Annie Laurie & Thomas McRee
Carter & Matthew Milner
Frances & Cooper Morrison Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation for Mississippi
Ginnie & Luther Munford
Kay & John Olliver
Susan & Bill Osborne
Phoebe & Rob Pearigen
Becky & Don Potts
Linda & Jimmy Robertson
Harrylyn & Charles Sallis
Don Sittman
Carol Taff
Margaret & Jim Tohill
Marcus Treadway, Jr.
Kathy & Andy Waring
Elizabeth Wilkes
Laura & Walt Wofford, Jr.
Mary Amelia & Damon Wofford
Margee & Collins Wohner
Catie Carlyle & Bo Zimmerman

Gifts from Businesses

The Belhaven House & Garden Club
The Blanchard Group
The Fairview Inn
Funderburg, Sessums & Petterson, PLLC
Keifer’s Restaurant
The Pyron Group
Overby, Inc.

BEING BELHAVEN GOLD is a group of supporters who give $500 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Fenian’s Restaurant
First Presbyterian Day School
Julie A. Colbert
Bart Delashmet
Barbara Hederman
Carissa Singh
Beverly Ray & Reed Branson
Marc Treadway
Denise & Earl Walsh
Susan Warren
Ginger & John Weaver
Sara Weisenberger

BEING BELHAVEN is a group of supporters who give $300 or more annually to the Greater Belhaven Foundation.

Bradley Arrant Boult Cummings LLP
Leslie & Jason Agostinelli
Megan & Matt Allen
Laura & Jason Ashley
Lacey Bailey
Emmie King & Spencer Beard
Kim & David Brown
Charlotte B. Charles
James Crellin
Kate Eidt
Laine & Bob Hardin
Janelle Hederman
Mara Hartmann & Patrick Hicks
Sara Margaret & Robert Johnson
Susan Shands Jones
Victoria & Robert List
Toni & Aubrey Lucas
Katie McClendon
Barbara & Jim McCraw – In Memory of Michael Raff
Susan & Colin McNease
Margaret & Manning McPhillips
Kay & Charles Mortimer
Walterine & Doug Odom
Kathy & Michael Potts
Helen C. Robertson
Lele & Russell Rooks
Sara & Brad Tisdale
Marjorie Underwood
W. Glenn Watts
Janet & John Wofford
Julia Marks Young


Belhaven House & Garden Club – In Memory of Lucy Clark
Rosalie & Pete Casano – In Honor of Dot Kitchings
Virginia and Fred Ezelle
Elizabeth Hambuchen
Betty and Dan Hise
Judith Johnson
Beth and Harper Keeler
Jeanne Luckett & C.B. Carroll
Joe Morris
Nancy and Leo Stevens
Denise and John Wheeler

Thank you for Supporting the Greater Belhaven Foundation

Isn’t Greater Belhaven lovely? She’s got on her multicolored, autumn wardrobe and seems poised to celebrate this special time of year. There aren’t many neighborhoods this beautiful or friendly in our city, or anywhere for that matter. People on almost every block know each other and visit frequently in in their yards or when we walk our dogs.

We’ve got problems, yes. But we also have solutions. Through your Greater Belhaven Foundation, we work to make our neighborhood better every day. Currently, our attention is centered on getting Greater Belhaven approved as a Community Improvement District. We need 60 per cent of our registered voters to gain approval for this initiative which we hope to complete this month. For you as property owners, it means just 6 mills more in property tax for every $1,000 of your property’s assessed value. For our neighborhood, your signature means designated funds that can be used for security, maintenance, improvements to parks and infrastructure, beautification through plantings, signage and blighted property acquisition.

But CID passage is just one of our initiatives. In cooperation with the Belhaven Heights Neighborhood Association, the Belhaven Improvement Association and the Belhaven Security Association, the Foundation also has worked to support the funding of the Fortification Street Project, the elimination of many encroachments to our neighborhood, the clearing and cleaning of blighted property, the creation of the Belhaven Town Center – and the many events that promote Greater Belhaven such as the annual Bright Lights, Belhaven Nights and Art in the Park.

All of these things, however, cost money. There are many wonderful nonprofit causes that you and your family might donate to at this time of year. But we hope you’ll make one of your year- end gifts to your neighborhood organization, the Greater Belhaven Foundation. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience in replying. Please let one of us know if you have questions – and thank you for being one of the more than 1800 Jacksonians who call Greater Belhaven home.

Message from John Lewis with the Greater Belhaven Security Association

Between now and the end of the year, please following these Security Measures:

  • -BE ALERT & AWARE of your surroundings at ALL times! When you are in vulnerable
    situations, pay attention to what is going on around you.
  • -If you see something suspicious, PLEASE CALL our Securitas Officer immediately.
    They are likely just around the corner and can get there in just a few minutes.
  • -Please put this number in your phone, under “SECURITY” or “SECURITAS”:
    601-720-6452. When you call, please give them as much detailed info as possible.
  • -Call JPD too! Often our Securitas Officer will also call JPD if it is security situation
    that will potentially need law enforcement to effectively deal with. Given the sizes
    of our Police Precincts, it may take a while for them to get to our neighborhoods.
  • -DO NOT leave any valuables (gifts, packages, laptops, jewelry, cash, credit cards, etc)
    in your cars! Especially overnight! Take them INSIDE your home. We do NOT want
    our great neighborhoods to be known as the “Shopping Destinations” of the criminal
    element in Jackson!
  • -If you see something suspicious, PLEASE CALL our Securitas Officer immediately @
    601-720-6452. They are likely just around the corner and can get there in just a few
    minutes. They can “check out” the situation and deal with it as needed.
  • -Be sure ALL of your exterior lights are working! The new LED light fixtures and bulbs
    use very little electricity and put out tons of bright light! Add more if needed!
  • -BE AWARE of your surroundings at ALL times! When you are in vulnerable situations,
    pay attention to what is going on around you.
  • -Help us increase our JPD Night Watch Patrols by joining GBSA! For $30 a month, you
    can help be a huge part of a greater law enforcement presence in our neighborhood!
    For more information, please call Adam @ 601-353-0800 or click on GBSA on the Greater
    Belhaven Foundation’s website!
  • -If you are a Greater Belhaven property owner, please SIGN the C.I.D. Petition, ASAP! Just
    over $100,000/year, of the money that will be generated, will be dedicated to enhancing
    security in our neighborhoods. Cameras, more patrols, enhanced security measures, and
    many other things can be implemented, IF we get the petition signed and the CID voted on!

Make A Christmas Carol A Part of Your Holiday Tradition

New Stage Theatre’s traditional holiday gift to the community—A Christmas Carol, A Ghost Story of Christmas—opens on Thursday, December 5 and runs through Sunday, December 22. Curtain times for public performances are 7:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, located inside the Jane Reid Petty Theatre Center, charged by phone by calling the theatre at (601) 948-3533 or ordered online at The production is sponsored by First Commercial Bank and St. Dominic’s.

New Stage Theatre returns with a holiday tradition! Ebenezer Scrooge is a wealthy man, rich in money and poor in spirit. He’s locked his solitary heart into a cashbox and forgotten where he’s put the key. Haunted by specters and visited by spirits of his past, present, and future, he journeys from the painful losses of his youth to the human kindness and deep joy of a glorious Christmas morning. Dicken’s classic tale reawakens the true spirit of Christmas in a heart-stirring Carol of profound beauty and redemption.

“We are excited to produce the traditional holiday favorite A Christmas Carol for our 54th season,” said Artistic Director Francine Thomas Reynolds. “Since New Stage first staged an adaptation of the Dickens’ novella, in 1984, no play has been as consistently produced at the theatre as A Christmas Carol. Five actors have played the role of Scrooge and 13 directors have helmed the production throughout the years. The theatre has delighted Mississippi audiences with four adaptations of the timeless Charles Dickens classic.”

“New Stage Theatre has produced A Christmas Carol twenty-four times,” continues Reynolds. “From life-size puppets to flying ghosts, some traditions have changed over the years but the powerful story of redemption in A Christmas Carolremains the same and will enchant audiences with its message of selfless giving. A Christmas Carol has everything: great story telling, singing, dancing, special effects and heart. I am looking forward to our audiences experiencing this production being performed by a cast of 18 adults and 14 youth actors.”

This year’s cast features familiar faces and new talent. Cast members include Turner Crumbley (New Orleans) as Scrooge, Christopher Sferra (Jackson) as Bob Cratchit, Sam Lovorn (Clinton) as Fred, Mandy Kate Myers (Pearl) as Christmas Past, Joseph Frost (Jackson) as Christmas Present, Christan McLaurin (Nashville, TN) as Mr. Fezziwig, De-De Odom (Hattiesburg) as Mrs. Fezziwig, Malaika Quarterman (Jackson) as Mrs. Cratchit, Ethan Hartfield (Brandon) as Tiny Tim, and Chris Roebuck (Ridgeland) as Marley. Crumbley appears through the courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Other cast members include Drew Stark (Jackson), Cameron Pitre (Jackson), Andrew Fehrenbacher (Clinton), Jasmine Rivera (Jackson), Jeffrey Cornelius (Jackson), Willis Thigpen (Jackson), Jameson Williams (Brandon), Darby Frost (Jackson), Marshall Robertson (Newton), Nehemiah Thompson (Jackson), Rivka Quarterman (Jackson), Kendra Quarterman (Jackson), Lucy Jones (Madison), Olivia Mathews (Brandon), Chloe Vizier (Jackson), Treasure White (Jackson), Avery Stallings (Jackson), Jenn Harris (Brandon), Jaymi Horn (Jackson), Kyle Devin Hunter (Jackson), Zion Wood (Jackson), and Ellie Boisseau (Jackson).

Special Holiday Events at New Stage Theatre During A Christmas Carol, A Ghost Story of Christmas

Toys for Tots: December 5 – December 7

·      We will offer $25 tickets to those who bring a new unwrapped toy to the performances December 5-7. Customers must bring the item to the window and purchase tickets at that time. One toy per ticket. Tickets are subject to availability. Tickets can be purchased in advance during box office hours.
·      New Stage will continue to collect toys through December 12

Give the Gift of Theatre this Holiday Season!

·      Gift certificates, Mini-Flex Passes, Education Classes, and Summer Camps make the perfect holiday gifts. Contact the box office for details.

Assisted Listening Devices: Available at every performance. Please call the box office to reserve a device.

Actor Chat: Wednesday, December 11 and Wednesday, December 18
·      Stay after the show and ask questions of the cast and crew

A Christmas Carol Performances:

December 5-7, 11-14 & 17-21 at 7:30 p.m.
December 8, 15, & 22 at 2 p.m.
All 10 a.m. School Matinees are Sold Out

Ticket prices:

$30 for students, seniors, and military
Group discounts are available

Purchase Tickets:


Community Improvement District Town Hall Meetings

We have three upcoming Town Hall Meeting regarding the proposed Community Improvement District that will take place at the Greater Belhaven Foundation Office located at 954 E. Fortification Street.  Parking is limited so please park at Froogel’s and walk down.

·         Monday, November 18 at 5:30 p.m.

·         Tuesday, November 26 at 7:30 a.m.

·         Tueday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m.

If you are unable to attend and would like more information please call or email Casey Creasey to set up a time to discuss the Petition and what the Community Improvement District can do for Greater Belhaven, 601-352-8850

2019 Being Belhaven Annual Party

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold Tuesday night to join us for our yearly party.  A special thank you goes out to our hosts Hailey and Jack Allin.  We celebrated all that is happening in Greater Belhaven and the many great things headed our way.  Our outgoing Board members who have served two terms are Barbara Austin, Claire Barksdale, Rob Pearigen and Bart Delashmet.  Their commitment to our neighborhood has been amazing.  We welcomed our new board members Jason Agostinelli, Ruffin Lowry and Hope Carter, we are honored that they are volunteering their time and talents. 

Special awards were given to honor those who have gone above and beyond to help make Greater Belhaven all it can be.  Tamar and Peter Sharp are this year’s recipients of the “Heart of Belhaven Award”.  The Sharps purchased The Fairview Inn in 2006 and have been gracious and generous neighbors ever since.  Rob Farr is the recipient of this year’s Cavitt Taff Volunteer of the Year Award.  Farr is the chair of the Foundation’s design team.  This year he has organized to planning charrettes for Fortification Street, is helping in the Community Improvement District efforts, has helped with security planning, and has been the sounding board for several ideas and concepts.  Thank you to the Sharps and to Rob Farr for all you do for Greater Belhaven.