Sylvandell Historical Marker installed in Greater Belhaven

Belhaven Improvement Association (BIA) is working hard to #PreserveBelhaven and to tell the fascinating stories of this great neighborhood (MS’s largest historic district). Sylvandell is one of those great stories! Sylvandell was a whimsical development by L.L. Mayes in the early 1920s. Read the great article (March 1929) from The Jackson Daily News for more details.

The beautiful gateway (see photo) was sculpted by Mr J. Barras – it sat at the dead end of Pinehurst into StMary. The female “nymph” statue still sits in a driveway just a few houses south from this site (the male statue is missing – BIA will give a reward to anyone who can locate it!). If you drive to the intersection of St Mary and Pinehurst, you can still see the edge of this beautiful gateway feature… go check it out and be sure to read the article!

We are excited to announce that BIA has obtained approval for 12 new Mississippi Historical Markers through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) – this will make 15 for the neighborhood!

BIA is working with MDAH and the City of Jackson to promote the unique history of the Belhaven Historic District. These markers will create a unique “walking trail” of the Belhaven Historic District for all to enjoy.

We hope to expand this trail into neighboring historic districts and create a great tourist attraction for the whole Capital City! Please let us know if there are any other sites that you would like to nominate (email More to come…

(Article submitted by Belhaven Improvement Association)

Spring 2018 Neighborhood Security Update · GBSA

There are many great reasons to join the GBSA!

  • From November through January, our Securitas Officers responded to hundreds of calls from you, regarding legitimate security concerns.  Most were involving suspicious individuals, activities or vehicles driving through or parked in our neighborhoods.  Almost half of those calls were from non-member neighbors, who we’d love to join our GBSA Security Team!
  • With 24 entrances/exits into Belhaven and 14 into Belhaven Heights, it is hard to keep up with car and foot traffic entering neighborhoods.  A Rolling Patrol unit, along with watchful neighbors, is one of the best ways to stay on top of that activity.  We ALL need to do our part!
  • Just over 300 of your concerned, pro-active neighbors make up the current members/ Security Team of GBSA.  They pay for an Armed, Rolling Patrol Officer, 24/7/365, that we ALL benefit from.  Members also get numerous additional, personalized services.  We need more of our neighbors to stand up and help out by joining the GBSA Security Team!
  • With 100 more GBSA members, we can have an off-duty JPD officer, coordinating security patrols with our Securitas officers, 4 hours a night/early morning, 7 days a week.  This could have a strong impact on the safety and security of our neighborhoods.  With well over 1,000 households in both neighborhoods, 100 more GBSA Security Team Members is really not a lot to ask.  It’s well worth the $0.74 per day for your first year!
  • An Additional Rolling Patrol, during high-crime hours, could be one of the best ways to keep “live eyes” on who is roaming around during the late night hours.  That, in addition to the new cameras on selected entrances, can greatly discourage the criminal element from targeting our neighborhoods.  Some neighborhoods who have no security patrol or who have discontinued their patrol have seen occasional increases in criminal activities.  We don’t want that in our Greater Belhaven Community.

Join the GBSA Team – “March Madness” Special:

GBSA is having a “New Member Special” from now until April 15.  For only $270 (25% OFF the regular price of 12 months), you can receive your first year’s membership in GBSA (a $360 value).  Click here to download your application or pick up at 1440 North State and your check or Bank Draft Form.  It’s that simple to help make a difference in the safety and security of our neighborhood.

Please join The GBSA Team today!  We Are Right Around the Corner!!

John Lewis, Greater Belhaven Security Association

1440 North State Street, 601-353-0800