Urban Foxes has Opened!

Urban Foxes is a family-owned business that opened in 2019. We serve small-batch baked goods, coffee, beer and other rotating food and beverage options. Our pie forward menu is designed to brighten the day of each customer that comes through the door, whether for a quick breakfast or coffee on the way to work, an afternoon treat, or an early evening happy hour.

We are located in the historic Belhaven Heights neighborhood in a remodeled 1920s house with open seating in three rooms and a bookable meeting room that offers catered services; our outdoor spaces include a front porch and a courtyard.

Fairview Inn Owner Receives National Recognition

Jackson, MS – Peter Sharp, Owner of the Fairview Inn, has just been awarded the 2019 Voice of Innkeeping Award by the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP).

AHIP represents over 14,000 Inns and Bed and Breakfasts throughout the United States and Canada. The award is given to an individual in recognition of long lasting contributions to the Innkeeping Industry. They must demonstrate excellence in Innkeeping and in Industry leadership on a national and regional level.

Steve Hiatt, when presenting the award quoted former Association President Jay Karen: “To an association executive, there is nothing more encouraging and supportive than a member who is the first to show up, the first to register, the first to volunteer, the first to praise, the first to offer ideas and the first to donate. In my decade of the Innkeeping industry, Peter was always that person. He sought neither attention or credit, and he always gave generously in every way possible. Associations only work because of people like him. Any association member is lucky to have him as a peer, but any of us who can call him a friend are among the most fortunate of all.”

Sharp was on the Board of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Mississippi for six years and President from 2008 to 2011. He is also served on the Board of the Mississippi Tourism Association, the Professional Association of Innkeeper’s International (PAII), Select Registry ( A collection of 400 national Inns) and Beth Israel Congregation here in Jackson. He is a founding member of AIHP.

Sharp has operated the Four Diamond, Fairview Inn, along with his wife Tamar since 2006.

Said Sharp: “I am honored and humbled to receive this special recognition and share it with our outstanding Fairview Inn Management team and Staff; and especially with my wife, Tamar, who is my rock, and allowed me so many times to be away from the Inn to serve our Innkeeping community.”

“Serving our Innkeeping community has been so rewarding. The relationships you develop, the learning you garner, and the fun you have interacting with other Innkeepers has been invaluable to our business success, and giving back and helping newer Innkeepers gives one a real sense of satisfaction.”

The Fairview Inn is an eighteen room, boutique luxury Inn in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, MS. Along with lodging, the Inn has 1908 Provisions Restaurant for dining, the Library Lounge for cocktails and appetizers, Nomispa for relaxation, and provides event service for rehearsal dinners, weddings and receptions, along with Corporate and Social gatherings.

For more information go www.fairviewinn.com or call 601-948-3429.


Neighbors – Join us Monday, March 4 from 6-8p for “Neighbor Night” at Lous! Come and go as you wish. This is a great way to meet some neighbors and have a fun night! BIA will provide some appetizers and Lous is generously extending “happy hour” to “happy night” for the Belhavenites!

Cash bar, happy hour prices (in bar area and event room). Everyone is encouraged to come enjoy the night, grab a table, order dinner, get to know some of your neighbors, and learn about the exciting BIA projects for 2019!

Email info@ourbelhaven.com with questions

A Look Ahead

Belhaven and Belhaven Heights. Our special neighborhoods where more than 5,757 of us live. It’s where we raise our children and many of us grow old. It’s tree-lined streets that we love and potholes that make driving a challenge. But it’s home. And most of us wouldn’t trade living here for any other place in the metropolitan area.

Your Greater Belhaven Foundation works daily to help our neighborhood meet the challenges that any older, city suburb faces. For example, we are working with the Greater Belhaven Security Association and our two neighborhood organizations, the Belhaven Heights Community Association and the Belhaven Improvement Association, and the institutions in our area to develop a comprehensive security plan for Greater Belhaven.

Additionally, the Foundation announced plans in early November to build a permanent stage in Belhaven Park to add to the appeal of that venue. Neglected for nearly 30 years, it was “renovated” through a cooperative effort of Belhaven residents, the City of Jackson and the Foundation 10 years ago. Now the park has become a setting for artistic performances for the neighborhood, early evening picnics and movies, and daytime lunch breaks for those who work in Greater Belhaven.

In 2019, the Foundation in partnership with the BIA will focus on beautifying the Fortification Exit at I55 and further developing that historic street as a premier entrance to our neighborhood and the City of Jackson.

Won’t you be a part of these initiatives to enhance our neighborhood by making a year-end gift to the Foundation?

Your donation would go to help support these initiatives. Please click here to make your end of the year gift.

Nation’s First Singing Christmas Tree Celebrates 86 Years at Belhaven University

For the past 85 years, Belhaven students have readied their voices and gathered on a 35-foot tall structure to be part of the first and oldest singing Christmas tree in the United States. This year, students will continue that tradition for the 86th performance of Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree.

“It’s not often we get the chance to make history,” said Christopher Phillips, specialty instructor and director of the singing Christmas tree.

“To be a part of Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree is the opportunity to do just that. As the oldest event of its kind in the nation, it’s thrilling and humbling to be a part of this special tradition. We are honored to present this gift to our community this year for the 86th time.”

Since its creation in 1933, the tree frame has grown taller, candles were exchanged for LED lights, voices and music were amplified and more singers were added each year. Today, the wood and metal structure holds over 100 men and women. The LED lights change colors in various patterns and sequences according to the character of each Christmas carol, creating a visual spectacle for listeners.

Both performances on November 30 and December 1 are free to the public and will take place at the Belhaven University Bowl Stadium at 7:30 p.m.
Certain traditions have become expected elements to the tree. An auditioned soloist is positioned under the star located at the very top of the tree. This honored soloist performs “O Holy Night” near the Tree’s conclusion. Other traditions include artificial snowfall during “White Christmas” and humorous “insider jokes” interposed into the lyrics of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and other Christmas carol favorites.

Mignonne Caldwell, the originator of Belhaven’s tree and music professor, created the event as a way to give back to the surrounding community. Caldwell recruited college engineer Mr. C. V. McLain to construct the first wooden tree frame for the choir to stand on. Caldwell’s concert idea became a reality and debuted to the public in December 1933. After the success of the first performance, it became a yearly tradition.
Ms. Bettye Quinn, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Elementary Education, has attended the event for 78 years and remembers seeing the tree for the first time. Quinn said, “I remember when I was three in 1937 and a family friend brought me to see the Belhaven singing Christmas tree.

At the time the tree was a group of 50 girls on a platform between the columns, they had on white robes and held bright lights that reflected into the lagoon. It was just a glorious sight for a little child to see. I have come every year since to see the Belhaven Singing Christmas Tree.”
Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree was named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society, and it continually draws in thousands of people each year. The Singing Christmas Tree tradition continues serving the Jackson community by providing a spiritually edifying, fun-filled event of visual and musical splendor.

GBF Releases Plans for New Belhaven Park Stage

The Greater Belhaven Foundation released their plans to begin a capital campaign to construct a stage in Belhaven Park at their Annual Party on November 6. The Greater Belhaven Foundation slated Belhaven Park as one of its main projects in regards to long term planning in 2006.

The park had been neglected for the 30 years prior and had become a blight on the community. Within a short period of time with hard work and a collaborative effort between the GBF, the City of Jackson, residents and business owners the park has become a wonderful gathering place and a remarkable venue for the arts.

The Greater Belhaven Foundation is preparing to embark on the final phase of improvement of Belhaven Park, the Belhaven Park Stage. Studies have shown that Parks do not only serve to make areas “pretty” they are a driving force of economic development.

The addition of the stage will make Belhaven Park an even more appealing venue for outdoor performing arts, bringing additional visitors to our neighborhood and welcoming them to explore all that Greater Belhaven has to offer.

The Foundation would like to thank Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopeadic Center for providing the seed money for the project.

Heart of Greater Belhaven Award Recipients

The Greater Belhaven Foundation presented the First “Heart of Greater Belhaven” Award to Bill and Nan Harvey at the Annual Party on November 6. This award goes to a neighbor and resident who truly represents the “Heart “of Greater Belhaven.

Bill and Nan Harvey wrote a complete history of both Belhaven and Belhaven Heights which will be treasured for many years to comes. They are long time supporters of the Foundation. Thank you Bill and Nan for loving Greater Belhaven and helping to preserve her history and embodying the “Heart” of Belhaven. The Harveys’ issued the following statement:

“We appreciated the kind remarks made at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting regarding the our articles on the Belhaven and Belhaven Heights neighborhoods. I do wish the neighborhood to know that Nan and I are a team, deserving equal credit. I do the writing. Nan does the research, the editing, the photography, corrects my spelling and punctuation and keeps me focused. I could not do these projects without her steady hand. Jesse Yancy publishes our work in his blog and does an excellent job with layout and design and the neighborhood itself contributes greatly through interviews, suggestions and contacts. Success has many fathers. Thank all of you so very much.”

Join us for “Puppets in the Park!”

Join the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation and Puppet Arts Theatre for “The Princess and the Pea” Saturday, October 13 beginning at 11:00 am. The program includes a fast paced introduction to puppetry with a demonstration on puppet making. The program culminates with the story written by Hans Christian Anderson. If it rains we will be on Belhaven Campus follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

This event is part of the Being Belhaven Art Series and is made possible by the Mississippi Arts Commission.
The event is free and open to the public.

Become a sponsor of “Belhaven Boo!”

Hi Neighbors! The Belhaven Garden Club is busy organizing our yearly Halloween block party- “Belhaven Boo!”

For those of you who are not familiar, this is a family-friendly event with trick or treating, food trucks, live music, games for the kids, etc.

We have had such great support from our neighbors in the past, and we hope that we can count on you all again. Please consider being a Spooky Sponsor for $100.00 or a Boo Believer for $50.00. Spooky Sponsors will be recognized on our sign at the event and receive 6 tickets to the event. Boo Believers will receive 4 tickets to the event. Businesses, individuals, or families are welcomed to sponsor.

If you are interested, please contact Amanda McGuffey at 434-987-8027 or send a check to 1821 Lyncrest Avenue. Candy donations are also being accepted and can be dropped off at the address listed above. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to another great year!!

Click here for the Evite link for the Garden Club party in two weeks.

Be a part of the Belhaven Heights Mural Unveiling Celebration

The Mississippi Heritage Trust, The Oaks House Museum and Belhaven Residential invite you to their mural unveiling on Thursday, May 15 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. at both Belhaven Residential and The Oaks House Museum.

Bring your chairs and blankets and prepare for a family evening of music, food and face painting but most importantly a beautiful new addition to the Historic Belhaven Heights Neighborhood. Jackson native Douglas Panzone is the commissioned artist. Panzone will be working on the wall located on the north end of the Belhaven Residential office building at 730 N Jefferson for approximately two weeks beginning April 23, 2018.

The Belhaven Heights mural is a partnership between The Mississippi Heritage Trust, The Oaks House Museum and Belhaven Residential to create a landmark of interest in Belhaven Heights that symbolizes the theme of preservation, which is central to the mission of The Mississippi Heritage Trust.

The hope is that pedestrians and bicyclists using the Museum Trail will also visit this mural and enjoy the garden and home of The Oaks House Museum located at 823 N. Jefferson Street. A significant portion of the funding for this project comes from the Mississippi Humanities Council and Mississippi Development Authority for the Bicentennial celebration. Additional funding was provided by Pyron Group, First Commercial Bank and Behr Paint.