Can We Count You In?


The Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation is spearheading the effort to develop a Community Improvement District (CID) for Belhaven and Belhaven Heights.

Creating this special taxing district will generate more than $200,000 annually for our wonderful historic neighborhoods. The funds can be used for security, capital improvements, infrastructure, matching funds for federal grants, and other projects. Anticipated improvements are security, lighting, sidewalk repair, enhancements, and the funds can be used as matching funds for grants to handle larger infrastructure repairs. For more detailed information please click here. This will enhance the value of our neighborhood for years to come. The funds will be administered by the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a long track record of managing successful projects for our historic neighborhood since 2001. Funds are subject to an annual, publicly-available audit.

To make this happen, we need you! Over 900 neighbors have already signed the petition to create the CID, so we are close to the required number of signatures needed for us to submit it. We hope that whether you live here, work here, or invest here, we can count you in!

Your signature helps us get the petition finalized and submitted; after that, the next step will be a special election late this year. If you would like additional information about the CID or this process, just call us at 601-352-8850, or email us at and we can answer questions or email you your Petition Page. More information is also available at (look for the Community Improvement District button).

We hope we can Count You In! Thanks for considering this request as we work to make 39202 an even better place to live, work, and play.