Bright Lights Belhaven Nights 2020 – “Together, Apart” Lighting it up and Making it Bright for Healthcare Workers August 8th

This year BLBN will take place in each and every yard in the neighborhood!
How will this work? If you want your musical act or band to perform at BLBN 2020 and you have a yard or porch available go for it! Just let me know where and what time you are playing and I will mark you on the map so people can stroll by! Want to have an arts or craft booth? Set it up in your yard or in a friend’s and let me know when and where and I will mark you on the map! Let me know by emailing me at
The idea came from a nationwide festival called “PorchFest” each homeowner contributes in their own special way to create a fun creative atmosphere throughout the neighborhood. It also allows each neighbor who wants to perform or set up shop a chance to showcase their talent. This is perfect for 2020 because it allows for social distancing while observing the spirit of Bright Lights.
Each homeowner who wants to participate is responsible for maintaining social distance on their property, please stay safe! Do your own thing, get out for a walk and say hello. Listen to you neighbor play some music or buy a painting from another. Order food from your favorite Belhaven restaurant, and have a picnic. Have the kids decorate your sidewalk and street! Most importantly be sure to put out your lights and make your yard shine bright! Let’s make it festive while being “Together, Apart”.
The map of “Goings Ons and To Dos” will be on the website and in a special newsletter going out the week of.
Do what you want all day with the grand finale being the night sky lit up bright to thank all of our healthcare workers.