Belhaven Heights Park’s Newest Addition

Belhaven Heights Park was selected as a recipient of public as part of the Fertile Ground Project. The mural artist is Graham Carraway and the piece in entitled “Wild Cat”.

The catfish is indicative of the ingenuity and resilience of Mississippians. In a state that’s mostly frowned upon by outsiders, we have remained at the forefront of the aquaculture industry. The same way much of America’s retailers within the catfish industry rely on one of its poorest regions, I believe Mississippi will soon be a serious contender in other sectors moving forward.

Community Partners: City of Jackson, Belhaven Heights Neighborhood Association, Greater Belhaven Foundation
The Fertile Ground Project uses public art as a medium to inspire dialogue about food insecurity in Mississippi. The project features nine physical art installations within food deserts across the city. The project brings together an interdisciplinary network of people such as artists, designers, architects, farmers, chefs, nutritionists, policymakers, and community members to discuss the complexities of our current food system and inspire new solutions. To learn more about The Fertile Ground Project visit and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @thefertilegroundproject