Thank you to all of our 2018 Donors!

Because of you, our neighborhood has the resources it needs for growth and continued success.

  • From the renovation of Fortification Street, the restoration of Belhaven Park, the Laurel Street Park beautification projects, development of the Belhaven mixed-used building, to strategic private-public partnerships and beyond, your generous support continues to show its value throughout our neighborhood.
  • When someone loves their neighborhood as much as you do, they want to tell the world all about it! Your dedication to Greater Belhaven helps us spread the word about neighborhood events such as Bright Lights Belhaven Nights and the Arts Series in the Park, new businesses and the growing economic vitality of the area.
  • Our job goes far beyond events, promotion and neighborhood businesses, and you’re right there doing the hard work with us. By providing a voice for preservation, neighborhood land-use and other interests, we’re able to protect the integrity and character of Greater Belhaven. Because of you the foundation of Greater Belhaven is strong, and will remain so for generations to come.
  • Your impact reaches far beyond our neighborhood! Jackson is better because of the collective works of the historic neighborhood organizations, institutional neighbors, and the people that support them.

We appreciate your continued dedication to historic preservation, neighborhood character, and economic vitality in Greater Belhaven!

Major Sponsors

Baptist Health Systems
The Manship
Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC

Belhaven 100

Ivy and Frank Alley
Betty and John Allin
Carey and James Armstrong
Barbara Austin
Vidal Blankenship
Sherry and Royce Boyer
Mary Jo and Frank Briggs
Angelyn and Barry Cannada
Marsha and Tim Cannon
Alice and Rod Clement
Casey and Sam Creasey
Katy and Nelson Creath
Margaret O. Cupolas
Betsy and Kane Ditto
Virginia and Rob Farr
Corrine Fox
Susan and John Garrard
Nan and Bill Harvey
Katie Hester
Beth and Mark Hodges
Diane and Reed Hogan
Jona and Jimmy Keeton
Christy and Dallis Ketchum
Lelia and Sam Lane
Virgi and Chuck Lindsay
Mary Allyson and Ruffin Lowry
Bill McCarty III
Kathryn and Will McCraney
Gerald and Kathryn McCormick
Annie Laurie and Tom McRee
Carter and Matt Milner
Frances and Cooper Morrison
Ginnie and Luther Munford
Kay and John Olliver
Susan and Bill Osborne
Amanda and Scott Overby
Beverly and Bill Painter
Phoebe and Rob Pearigen
Becky and Don Potts
Elizabeth Robinson
Linda and Jimmy Robertson
Harrylyn and Charles Sallis
Tamar and Peter Sharp
Susan Wellman and Donald Sittman
Mary Ellen and Kurtis Vande Streek
Carol Taff
Margaret and Jim Tohill
Marcus Treadway, Jr.
Kathy and Andy Waring
Jennifer Welch
Kara Norris and Malcolm White
Libba Wilkes
Mary Amelia and Damon Wofford
Laura and Walt Wofford
Margee and Collins Wohner
Catie Carlyle and Bo Zimmerman

Gifts from Businesses

Belhaven House and Garden Club
Belhaven Residential
Blanchard Group, LLC
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
The Fairview Inn
Galexie Glister
Jackson I Medical Office Building
Kat’s Wine & Spirits
Keifer’s Restaurant
M&J Creekmore Foundation
Morgan & Morgan
The Overby Company
The Pyron Group Inc.
StateStreet Group, LLC
Southern Beverage Company

Being Belhaven Gold Donors

Jane and Brent Alexander
Louisa Dixon
Barbara F. Hederman
Ann Kendrick and Jim Kopernak
Kim and Mickey Paduda
Susan McAllister
Mary K. and Arnold Smith
Marjorie and Billy Underwood
Stacy and Jay Underwood
Susan Warren
Ginger and John Weaver
Sara Weisenberger

Belhaven Donors

Sara Jane and Alex Alston
Laura and Jason Ashley
Lacey L. Bailey
Emmie King and Spencer Beard
Jennifer and Walter Boone
Beverly Ray and Reed Branson
Kim and David Brown
Maggie and Adam Brown
Suzie and John Broderick
Janine and Jason Buckley
Rose and Peter Casano – In Memory of Collie Roger
James Crellin
Kate Edit
Virginia and Fred Ezelle
Beth and Collier Graham
Laine and Bob Hardin
Rebecca and Ty Hardy
Dorothy and John Hawkins
Mara Hartmann and Patrick Hicks
Susan Shands Jones
Victoria and Robert List
Toni and Aubrey Lucas
Barbara and Jim McCraw – In Memory of Al Simon
Margaret and Manning McPhillips
Kay and Charles Mortimer
Walterine and Doug Odom
Kathy and Michael Potts
Sara and Brad Tisdale
Marc Treadway
Kimberly and Robert Van Uden
Denise and Edward Walsh
Denise and John Wheeler
Jan and John Wofford
Julia Marks Young

Other Contributions

Ruth and Carl Black
David Blount
Ashley Cole
Jane and James Elkin
Tara Ellis
Nykihah Gee
Judith J. Johnson
Sandra and Gary Parker
Joanne Morris