Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are the writers, lawyers, artists, doctors, musicians, professors, college students, soccer moms, dog-walkers, and kids riding bikes.

Living in Belhaven gives us a shared sense of history and an optimism about the future.

Katie Hester
Lyncrest Avenue

I grew up hearing wonderful stories about my grandmother and her siblings growing up in Belhaven.

Laura Neill
Whitworth Street


We love living in a neighborhood that feels like a real community (or is it a community that feels like a neighborhood?) with people who are friendly and who go on walks with their kids and dogs. Going to the Belhaven Market and various functions that the college and the Belhaven Improvement Society organize are a great way to meet people and stay connected to the neighborhood.


David Burghard

St. Ann Street



Ralph Johnson Burghard, father of David Burghard, at 5 years old riding in Belhaven when he lived on St. Ann Street.

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