McDade’s Plaza “English Village-Jitney 14” gets new attention and enhancements

In addition to the 2017 GBF sponsored mural project, the McDade’s plaza “the Village” this year has new enhancements at both McDade’s and Lou’s Full-Serv.

“These upgrades and expansions to McDade’s Plaza are consistent with the Greater Belhaven Foundation’s mission to preserve and enhance Greater Belhaven, and are sure to be of benefit to all who work, live and play in Greater Belhaven. The expansion of Lou’s and the plaza enhancements are going to be in keeping with the historical nature of the village, supporting its place in the neighborhood” said Rob Farr, Design chair of GBF.

Work at McDade’s will include fresh wood and paint, brand new LED lighting, and subtle upgrades to the finish on the brickwork.

“We are going to do a dark chocolate color in the back part of McDade’s where the dumpster area is along Jefferson Street. Then, there will be light colored washes along the corner of Jefferson Street and Fortification Street, along the Fortification Street side of the building, and on the McDade’s store front façade area” said Mike Peters of Peters Real Estate.

Those interested to see the style of the brick work can view a sample already done this week on Jefferson Street at the Fortification Street corner.

Lou’s Full-Serv will also get an upgrade and enhancement with construction to start next week on a buildout of the deck area into a private dining room to seat upwards of 65 people.

“This addition will help to create a new private event space; we have hit a plateau with the number of people we can seat and this will allow our growth to continue” said Louis LoRose. “In addition, this provides use of the deck area which was only usable at certain times of year due to weather and temperature variations. It will now become a space that can be relied on year-round.”