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Greater Belhaven Security Association

The Greater Belhaven Security Association is Jackson's oldest neighborhood security organization. GBSA's mission, as a non-profit organization, is to provide an organized framework to promote and preserve neighborhood safety and security, and enhance the quality of life in Greater Belhaven.


Our goal is to provide our residential and commercial neighbors peace of mind with the knowledge that GBSA will respond to their security concerns.


GBSA augments patrols of the Jackson Police Department. 

GBSA provides security through the services of Securitas.  The telephone number for the patrol car is 601-720-6452.


Click here to download the "Securitas Out Of Town Form" for GBSA Members.  If you are leaving town and wish to leave contact information and /or special instructions, please complete and submit this form to the GBSA Patrol Office. 


Faithful members are the reason GBSA can afford to respond to security needs, before they become problems.  We appreciate all of our members and encourage any neighbor who is not a member, to join GBSA today!  Call 601-353-0800 for more information.


A message from GBSA president John Lewis:

It is still VITAL that everyone in the neighborhood be aware of any questionable activity and that they contact the SECURITAS patrol officer immediately.  This includes problems in both Laurel and Belhaven Parks.  The number to the patrol car is 601-720-6452


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