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Residential Dues

$360 Annually or $180 Semi-Annually billed to your billing address, or $30 per month by bank draft.


Business Dues

Dues for businesses are determined case-by-case based on size of business, number of employees, etc.


How to Join


To join GBSA, please use the link at the top of the page or print a copy of this form and mail it to GBSA, PO Box 720726, Jackson, MS 39272-0726.


I, ______________________________________ (Print name - "Member") and Greater Belhaven Security Association ("Association") agree:


The Association has entered into an agreement with a security provider which provides the Association and its members a neighborhood security patrol service. The hours of service and service area may be altered by the Association's board of directors as it deems fit to promote the purpose and objectives of the Association.


1. Conditions of Agreement: Member agrees to pay the Association dues, (currently at the rate of $360 annually or $180 semi-annually) within two weeks of receiving an invoice from the Association, or $30 monthly bank draft.


2. Services: The Association shall arrange for a security officer to provide to Member the services described in the Security Agreement, including patrolling of Member's home, responding to requests for assistance from Member or Member's monitoring service, residence inspections while member is out of town, "escort to door" service and provision of security signs and decals for Member's home and automobiles.


3. Terms and Dues: Member joins the Association for one year for dues payable in one (1) annual payment or two (2) semi-annual payments in advance (or monthly bank draft). Dues are subject to change upon six (6) weeks notice from the Association. Member's membership in the Association shall automatically renew for additional periods unless and until Member notifies the Association in writing at least six (6) weeks before the end of any six-month service period. Member may also terminate this agreement upon six (6) weeks written notice of moving from current residence. The Association may terminate this Agreement by written notice to Member at least two (2) weeks before the end of a six-month service period for which member has paid.


4. Independent Contractor: Member agrees that the security provider is a qualified security firm; that the security provider is an independent contractor of the Association; and that the Association, its board of directors (individually and collectively), officers and membership have no legal liability to Member, his family members, or guest for any acts or omission of the security provider.


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I prefer to be billed:
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Semi-annually (Member is billed every six months)


Annually (Member is billed every twelve months)


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