Greater Belhaven

Historic Preservation

The Greater Belhaven area has been declared as a Historic Community in Jackson. Because of this standing, Historical Preservation has issued an ordinance for all residential and commercial properties in the neighborhood to protect, enhance and perpetuate the properties of cultural, architectural, archaeological and or historic merit as a public necessity and is required in the interest of the health, prosperity and welfare of the people.

Upon altering the exterior of your property, these guidelines must be kept in mind for preservation of the area. We have provided a few links to parts of the documentation. For a full copy of the guidelines, please contact the Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation at 601.352.8850 or Historic Preservation at 601-960-2006.


Guidelines for Commercial Corridor Buildings
Guidelines for Commercial Corridors
Guidelines for New Residential Construction and Additions
Guidelines for Residential Rehabilitation
Guidelines for Residential Site Design
Owning Property in Belhaven and Belhaven Heights

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