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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I find information on the City of Jackson's historic preservation districts and get an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)?
You can find this information in "Historic Preservation" on BIA's or BHCA's information page.  Click the BIA or BHCA tab above, and then the "Historic Preservation" link in the navigation bar to the right.  From there, you can link to the City of Jackson's website for an application for Certificate of Appropriateness. NOTE: The Historic Preservation Ordinance and Historic Preservation Commission are programs of the City of Jackson and are administered by the City.  GBNF provides this link only as a courtesy to property owners. GBNF, BIA and BHCA are not affiliated with or in charge of the City's Historic Preservation Ordinance or the Historic Preservation Commission.


What is the number of the Securitas patrol car? 

To reach the officer on duty, call 601-720-6452. 


How can I find out who owns a certain property in Greater Belhaven?

Click here to link to the Hinds County landroll query page.  You can search by taxpayer name, street, parcel number, or map number.


Where is Laurel Street Park?

Laurel Street Park is located at 1841 Laurel Street, near the intersection of Laurel and Howard Street, and Laurel and St. Mary Street.  Laurel Street runs parallel to Riverside Drive.

Where is Belhaven Park?

Belhaven Park is located at the intersection of Poplar and Kenwood Streets.


Where is GBNF located?

Our offices are located at 954 Fortification Street, in a renovated 1920s-era cottage.  We are the fourth cottage east of McDade's Market in the English Village shopping center.  Look for the green and white GBNF flag!


Where do I send inquiries or updates about the website?

All questions and comments about the Greater Belhaven website should be sent to Ruth Pooley at


What's the difference between GBNF, BIA, BHCA and GBSA?

GBNF is the 501(c)(3), non-profit organization charged with long-range planning and improvement of the entire Greater Belhaven area.  BIA (Belhaven Improvement Association) is the homeowner/resident assocation for Belhaven, while BHCA (Belhaven Heights Community Association) is the homeowner/resident association for Belhaven Heights.   GBSA (Greater Belhaven Security Association) is the security association for all of Greater Belhaven.  You can find more information about these organizations by clicking the tabs above.

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