Community Improvement District – Here in Greater Belhaven

This past Spring Governor Phil Bryant signed into law legislation that allows for neighborhood associations with 501(c)(3) non-profit status to apply to become a Community Improvement District (CID). The passage of this legislation allows communities to form special assessment districts in order to enhance their neighborhoods and property values. The proposed Greater Belhaven Community Improvement District is the first step toward creating a detailed plan to improve Greater Belhaven.

The Greater Belhaven Foundation is in the beginning stages of becoming a Community Improvement District.

What does that mean?

The Foundation has formed a CID Committee comprised of: Margaret Cupples (Chair), Rod Clement, Susan Garrard, Michael Stevens, Steve Funderburg, Claire Barksdale, Charles Lindsay, Barbara Austin, Rob Farr, Jennifer Welch, Ruffin Lowry, Laura Neill and Reed Hogan III. The Foundation has hired Belhaven resident, Amanda McGuffey, as our CID Administrator to help navigate us through this process. The Foundation has submitted our proposed CID Petition to the City of Jackson for approval.

What is next?

As the Community Improvement District legislation is new to everyone we are taking things one step at a time. Once the City approves our proposed Petition, we will start collecting signatures from our Greater Belhaven residents!! Be sure to follow us on social media and check for website updates as we have some SUPER FUN plans to KICK OFF this process!!