Congrats to these winning folks from Greater Belhaven!

The Greater Belhaven Foundation would like to congratulate all of our Jackson Free Press Best of Jackson winners and finalists!

Best of Winners:

Cody Cox (Urban Foxes) – Best Barista
Jamie Moss (Fenian’s Pub) – Best Bartender
New Stage Theatre – Best Local Live Theatre Group & Best Stage Play for “Sister Act”
Beau York – Best Local Podcast
Bright Lights Belhaven Nights (Greater Belhaven Foundation) – Best Festival
Millsaps College Arts & Lecture Series – Best Public Forum or Speaker Series
Deep South Pops – Best Locally Owned Business
Fenian’s Pub – Best Open Mic Night
Keifer’s – Best Local French Fries, Best Mediterranean Food, & Best Hangover Food
Pizza Shack – Best Local Pizza
The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen – Best Caterer
Baptist Healthplex – Best Fitness Center/Gym
Fairview Inn – Best Place to book a Party or Shower

Best of Finalists:

Ben Ford (Deep South Pops) – Best Barista
Alex Eaton (The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen) – Best Chef
Jamie Moss (Fenian’s Pub) – Sexiest Bartender
Jeremy Loving (Lou’s Full Serv) – Sexiest Bartender
David Lewis – Best Urban Warrior
Fenian’s Pub – Best Bar, Best Place to Drink Cheap, Best Service Industry Hangout, Best Pub Quiz/Trivia, Best Hangover Food & Best College Student Hangout
The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen – Best Beer Selection at a Restaurant, Best Place for a First Date, Best Happy Hour, Best Local French Fries, Best Breakfast, Best Place for Dessert, Best Fine Dining , Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Wine List/Selection & Best Local Pizza
Library Lounge – Best Pub Quiz/Trivia
Picante’s Mexican Grill – Best Margarita & Best Mexican
Keifer’s – Best Outdoor Dining & Best Place for Hummus
Lou’s Full Serv – Best Place for Dessert, Best Restaurant & Best Local Burger
Deep South Pops – Best Place to Get Coffee & Best College Student Hangout
Kat’s Wine and Spirits – Best Liquor/Wine Store
Paul Moak Automotive – Best Car Dealer (New or Used)
The Fairview Inn – Best Place to Get Married

Become a sponsor of Art for the Park 2019!

Plans are underway for Art for the Park, 2019! The Belhaven Garden Club and the Friends of Laurel Street Park invite you to join us in supporting this great cause. This year’s event will take place Thursday, April 25, 2019 at the Fairview Inn. The featured artist will be Belhaven’s own, Casey Creasey.

Friends, neighbors, and businesses came together in 2017 to raise over $20,000. Through this biannual fundraiser, thousands of families have continued to enjoy Laurel Street Park. Older equipment has been repaired and repainted, swings have been replaced, trees have been planted, and new benches have been built. An emergency call button and security cameras have been purchased with plans for installation. We couldn’t have done it without donors like you.

As Art for the Park 2019 approaches, we look forward to building on the success of previous fundraising efforts. In addition to regular park maintenance, funds raised this year will go towards constructing a paved walking path around the entire park. Miles will be walked, bikes of all sizes will scoot along the pavement, and children of all ages will have a safe and fun place to play. Additional playground equipment purchases and facility improvements are on the horizon as well.

Art for the Park 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Great Oak Sponsors: $1000.00

Receive 6 complimentary tickets to the event as well as 4 drink tickets redeemable at The Library during the event. This also includes recognition on all party advertisements as well as invitations.

Trail Blazers: $500.00

Receive 4 complimentary tickets to the event as well as 2 drink tickets redeemable at The Library during the event. This also includes recognition on all party advertisements as well as invitations.

Red Buds: $250.00

Receive 2 complimentary tickets to the event. This also includes recognition on all party advertisements as well as invitations.

Thank you to all of our 2018 Donors!

Because of you, our neighborhood has the resources it needs for growth and continued success.

  • From the renovation of Fortification Street, the restoration of Belhaven Park, the Laurel Street Park beautification projects, development of the Belhaven mixed-used building, to strategic private-public partnerships and beyond, your generous support continues to show its value throughout our neighborhood.
  • When someone loves their neighborhood as much as you do, they want to tell the world all about it! Your dedication to Greater Belhaven helps us spread the word about neighborhood events such as Bright Lights Belhaven Nights and the Arts Series in the Park, new businesses and the growing economic vitality of the area.
  • Our job goes far beyond events, promotion and neighborhood businesses, and you’re right there doing the hard work with us. By providing a voice for preservation, neighborhood land-use and other interests, we’re able to protect the integrity and character of Greater Belhaven. Because of you the foundation of Greater Belhaven is strong, and will remain so for generations to come.
  • Your impact reaches far beyond our neighborhood! Jackson is better because of the collective works of the historic neighborhood organizations, institutional neighbors, and the people that support them.

We appreciate your continued dedication to historic preservation, neighborhood character, and economic vitality in Greater Belhaven!

Major Sponsors

Baptist Health Systems
The Manship
Funderburg, Sessums & Peterson, PLLC

Belhaven 100

Ivy and Frank Alley
Betty and John Allin
Carey and James Armstrong
Barbara Austin
Vidal Blankenship
Sherry and Royce Boyer
Mary Jo and Frank Briggs
Angelyn and Barry Cannada
Marsha and Tim Cannon
Alice and Rod Clement
Casey and Sam Creasey
Katy and Nelson Creath
Margaret O. Cupolas
Betsy and Kane Ditto
Virginia and Rob Farr
Corrine Fox
Susan and John Garrard
Nan and Bill Harvey
Katie Hester
Beth and Mark Hodges
Diane and Reed Hogan
Jona and Jimmy Keeton
Christy and Dallis Ketchum
Lelia and Sam Lane
Virgi and Chuck Lindsay
Mary Allyson and Ruffin Lowry
Bill McCarty III
Kathryn and Will McCraney
Gerald and Kathryn McCormick
Annie Laurie and Tom McRee
Carter and Matt Milner
Frances and Cooper Morrison
Ginnie and Luther Munford
Kay and John Olliver
Susan and Bill Osborne
Amanda and Scott Overby
Beverly and Bill Painter
Phoebe and Rob Pearigen
Becky and Don Potts
Elizabeth Robinson
Linda and Jimmy Robertson
Harrylyn and Charles Sallis
Tamar and Peter Sharp
Susan Wellman and Donald Sittman
Mary Ellen and Kurtis Vande Streek
Carol Taff
Margaret and Jim Tohill
Marcus Treadway, Jr.
Kathy and Andy Waring
Jennifer Welch
Kara Norris and Malcolm White
Libba Wilkes
Mary Amelia and Damon Wofford
Laura and Walt Wofford
Margee and Collins Wohner
Catie Carlyle and Bo Zimmerman

Gifts from Businesses

Belhaven House and Garden Club
Belhaven Residential
Blanchard Group, LLC
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings
The Fairview Inn
Galexie Glister
Jackson I Medical Office Building
Kat’s Wine & Spirits
Keifer’s Restaurant
M&J Creekmore Foundation
Morgan & Morgan
The Overby Company
The Pyron Group Inc.
StateStreet Group, LLC
Southern Beverage Company

Being Belhaven Gold Donors

Jane and Brent Alexander
Louisa Dixon
Barbara F. Hederman
Ann Kendrick and Jim Kopernak
Kim and Mickey Paduda
Susan McAllister
Mary K. and Arnold Smith
Marjorie and Billy Underwood
Stacy and Jay Underwood
Susan Warren
Ginger and John Weaver
Sara Weisenberger

Belhaven Donors

Sara Jane and Alex Alston
Laura and Jason Ashley
Lacey L. Bailey
Emmie King and Spencer Beard
Jennifer and Walter Boone
Beverly Ray and Reed Branson
Kim and David Brown
Maggie and Adam Brown
Suzie and John Broderick
Janine and Jason Buckley
Rose and Peter Casano – In Memory of Collie Roger
James Crellin
Kate Edit
Virginia and Fred Ezelle
Beth and Collier Graham
Laine and Bob Hardin
Rebecca and Ty Hardy
Dorothy and John Hawkins
Mara Hartmann and Patrick Hicks
Susan Shands Jones
Victoria and Robert List
Toni and Aubrey Lucas
Barbara and Jim McCraw – In Memory of Al Simon
Margaret and Manning McPhillips
Kay and Charles Mortimer
Walterine and Doug Odom
Kathy and Michael Potts
Sara and Brad Tisdale
Marc Treadway
Kimberly and Robert Van Uden
Denise and Edward Walsh
Denise and John Wheeler
Jan and John Wofford
Julia Marks Young

Other Contributions

Ruth and Carl Black
David Blount
Ashley Cole
Jane and James Elkin
Tara Ellis
Nykihah Gee
Judith J. Johnson
Sandra and Gary Parker
Joanne Morris

A Look Ahead

Belhaven and Belhaven Heights. Our special neighborhoods where more than 5,757 of us live. It’s where we raise our children and many of us grow old. It’s tree-lined streets that we love and potholes that make driving a challenge. But it’s home. And most of us wouldn’t trade living here for any other place in the metropolitan area.

Your Greater Belhaven Foundation works daily to help our neighborhood meet the challenges that any older, city suburb faces. For example, we are working with the Greater Belhaven Security Association and our two neighborhood organizations, the Belhaven Heights Community Association and the Belhaven Improvement Association, and the institutions in our area to develop a comprehensive security plan for Greater Belhaven.

Additionally, the Foundation announced plans in early November to build a permanent stage in Belhaven Park to add to the appeal of that venue. Neglected for nearly 30 years, it was “renovated” through a cooperative effort of Belhaven residents, the City of Jackson and the Foundation 10 years ago. Now the park has become a setting for artistic performances for the neighborhood, early evening picnics and movies, and daytime lunch breaks for those who work in Greater Belhaven.

In 2019, the Foundation in partnership with the BIA will focus on beautifying the Fortification Exit at I55 and further developing that historic street as a premier entrance to our neighborhood and the City of Jackson.

Won’t you be a part of these initiatives to enhance our neighborhood by making a year-end gift to the Foundation?

Your donation would go to help support these initiatives. Please click here to make your end of the year gift.

Thank You for a Great Meet and Greet with Chief James Davis

Thank you to everyone who came out Tuesday evening to meet our new police Chief. Thank you to Chief Davis for taking time from his busy schedule to come and meet Greater Belhaven residents and talk about the exciting future of the Jackson Police Department and the City of Jackson.

Historic Christmas at “The Oaks”

The Oaks Museum, 823 North Jefferson Street, is having their 19th century Christmas event this Saturday, December 8 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Carols will be sung by St. Brigid’s and Victorian style refreshments will be served. There will also be a raffle for a gingerbread house!! Admission is free.

“The Oaks,” is one of Jackson’s oldest dwellings. This Greek Revival-style cottage was built about 1853 on four acres of land located near the center of Mississippi’s capital city. The house is one of few extant structures that survived the burning of Jackson in the Civil War. The Oaks is a Mississippi Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Oaks House Museum also known as the Boyd House, it was the home of James Hervey Boyd, Eliza Ellis Boyd, their six children, and numerous grandchildren. Mr. Boyd served his community four times as mayor. For more than six terms, he was an alderman of Jackson, his time in office including the year 1863 when Jackson was burned by Union forces.
From 1853 until 1960, various members of the Boyd family – spanning three generations – lived in The Oaks. In 1960, the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Mississippi acquired the property.

The Oaks is administered by The Oaks House Museum Corporation, whose mission is to preserve and interpret the circa 1853 Oaks House, its collection, and grounds, to depict the life of a middle-class family on a mid-19th-century urban farmstead through the story of four-term Jackson mayor James Hervey Boyd, his wife Eliza, and their family, focusing on the years 1853 to 1863.

Be sure to stop by Saturday and check out this Greater Belhaven treasure!

You’re Invited to a Neighborhood Meet and Greet With Chief Davis

The Greater Belhaven Foundation would like to invite all of our neighbors to meet newly confirmed Chief James Davis on Tuesday, December 4 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at The Rickhouse, 717 Poplar Blvd. Chief Davis will be presenting on Jackson Police Department updates and new programs that he will be implementing. Come meet the Chief and your Neighbors!!!

Nation’s First Singing Christmas Tree Celebrates 86 Years at Belhaven University

For the past 85 years, Belhaven students have readied their voices and gathered on a 35-foot tall structure to be part of the first and oldest singing Christmas tree in the United States. This year, students will continue that tradition for the 86th performance of Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree.

“It’s not often we get the chance to make history,” said Christopher Phillips, specialty instructor and director of the singing Christmas tree.

“To be a part of Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree is the opportunity to do just that. As the oldest event of its kind in the nation, it’s thrilling and humbling to be a part of this special tradition. We are honored to present this gift to our community this year for the 86th time.”

Since its creation in 1933, the tree frame has grown taller, candles were exchanged for LED lights, voices and music were amplified and more singers were added each year. Today, the wood and metal structure holds over 100 men and women. The LED lights change colors in various patterns and sequences according to the character of each Christmas carol, creating a visual spectacle for listeners.

Both performances on November 30 and December 1 are free to the public and will take place at the Belhaven University Bowl Stadium at 7:30 p.m.
Certain traditions have become expected elements to the tree. An auditioned soloist is positioned under the star located at the very top of the tree. This honored soloist performs “O Holy Night” near the Tree’s conclusion. Other traditions include artificial snowfall during “White Christmas” and humorous “insider jokes” interposed into the lyrics of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and other Christmas carol favorites.

Mignonne Caldwell, the originator of Belhaven’s tree and music professor, created the event as a way to give back to the surrounding community. Caldwell recruited college engineer Mr. C. V. McLain to construct the first wooden tree frame for the choir to stand on. Caldwell’s concert idea became a reality and debuted to the public in December 1933. After the success of the first performance, it became a yearly tradition.
Ms. Bettye Quinn, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Elementary Education, has attended the event for 78 years and remembers seeing the tree for the first time. Quinn said, “I remember when I was three in 1937 and a family friend brought me to see the Belhaven singing Christmas tree.

At the time the tree was a group of 50 girls on a platform between the columns, they had on white robes and held bright lights that reflected into the lagoon. It was just a glorious sight for a little child to see. I have come every year since to see the Belhaven Singing Christmas Tree.”
Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree was named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society, and it continually draws in thousands of people each year. The Singing Christmas Tree tradition continues serving the Jackson community by providing a spiritually edifying, fun-filled event of visual and musical splendor.

GBF Releases Plans for New Belhaven Park Stage

The Greater Belhaven Foundation released their plans to begin a capital campaign to construct a stage in Belhaven Park at their Annual Party on November 6. The Greater Belhaven Foundation slated Belhaven Park as one of its main projects in regards to long term planning in 2006.

The park had been neglected for the 30 years prior and had become a blight on the community. Within a short period of time with hard work and a collaborative effort between the GBF, the City of Jackson, residents and business owners the park has become a wonderful gathering place and a remarkable venue for the arts.

The Greater Belhaven Foundation is preparing to embark on the final phase of improvement of Belhaven Park, the Belhaven Park Stage. Studies have shown that Parks do not only serve to make areas “pretty” they are a driving force of economic development.

The addition of the stage will make Belhaven Park an even more appealing venue for outdoor performing arts, bringing additional visitors to our neighborhood and welcoming them to explore all that Greater Belhaven has to offer.

The Foundation would like to thank Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopeadic Center for providing the seed money for the project.